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What is Breakthrough English?


Breakthrough English offers bespoke tuition that will equip students with the tools needed to not only catch up but excel.


My 20-year track record of guiding students to excellent English results, in both state and independent schools, makes transfering my expertise to the world of tutoring an exciting next step


When my current school moved its teaching online, I embraced remote learning with my usual brand of rigour, creativity and energy, and quickly saw the potential for chanelling my skills into tutoring - Breakthrough English soon became a reality .

My in-depth, forensic understanding of exactly what is expected at GCSE and A Level, means I can quickly assess a student's ability, pinpoint  their needs and tailor my teaching to ensure tangible results.

Wherever they are in their school journey, I truly believe Breakthrough will instil in your child the confidence to achieve their full potential.

 Online tutoring led by me, Kate Wilson


About Me:

Being a mum of two teenagers, I'm very aware of the challenges facing students at the moment. In this 'new normal' world, where months of class-based learning has been lost, tutoring offers young people the opportunity to regain control of their learning.

I like to think my positive, 'can do' teaching style is down to a drive to always keep learning. Teaching English is my passion, but other interests such as creative writing, theatre and drama all help to keep my ideas and methods fresh.

My intention is always to equip students with the rigorous skills needed to attain strong grades, whilst nurturing their flair and imagination. Years of experience as a GCSE and A Level examiner have given me insight into why some students succeed above others.


I recognise every child is different and every child thrives on personalised, flexible ways of learning. I am convinced the support of Breakthrough English will give students the confidence to flourish.


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What Do I Teach?

One-to-one: bespoke tutoring that reaches the heart of your child's needs, so that when classes resume they'll have caught up and be ready to take flight.

Small group tuition: a cost-effective opportunity for several students to learn together in an interactive space. A great way of getting to grips with a GCSE or A Level text. 


As we look forward to the new academic year, Breakthrough will be the perfect partner to English lessons at school.

Sessions include access to Breakthrough's online platform, resources and all preparation of materials.

  • A Level English Language and Literature

  • GCSE English Language and Literature

  • Key Stage 3 English (Years 7-9)


"Amelia was able to quickly & easily engage with Kate......"

Louise M - Parent

We contacted Kate as our daughter was really struggling with descriptive writing. Thanks to Kate’s friendly & approachable manner, Amelia was able to quickly & easily engage with her. Kate gave her not only confidence to believe in herself but also a skill set to achieve her desired grades.

"We really appreciate her fantastic help."

Fiona G - Parent

I would highly recommend Kate Wilson as an English GCSE tutor. She was well organised, very knowledgable, an excellent communicator and also managed to make the lessons enjoyable and fun. We really appreciate her fantastic help.

"I feel so much more confident with my writing"

Charlotte - Year 10 student re. online lessons

I am so thankful for how much you have helped me in English. I feel so much more confident with my writing and I enjoyed my English more than I ever have. You helped me whenever I felt I needed it. Online lessons have been hard but they weren't so bad with you helping us through. You have been so supportive and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed you being our teacher and making my English improve loads. Thank you for everything!

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